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Chat with an LDS missionary
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Monday, September 9, 2013

A candida cleanse seems to be helping my health (work) !

I'm so pleased that I am sleeping better, now waking most of the time around 6:00 instead or one or two in the morning, plus getting to sleep easier and feeling rested when I wake up. :) I have more energy, have lost inches (don't know about the pounds as I don't have scales but my clothes fit better and muscle weights more than fat anyway :) My thinking is less foggy, I am not craving sweets or carbs all the time and I am eating way less. The eating plan that goes with this is to eat mostly the non starchy vegetables plus eggs, and protein, almonds or walnuts, seafood and some meats preferably organic in all things. No fruits, no sugars or fake sugars, even no syrup or honey. No grains except oatmeal. No vinegar and no mushrooms. Olive or Coconut oil is good. Plus I'm taking enzymes to weaken the overgrowth candida yeast cell walls, and some natural herbs that kill it, plus probiotics to refresh the intestine with the good guys. This should help my purpose in life/work :)

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