Chat with an LDS missionary

Chat with an LDS missionary
Chat with a missionary

Monday, March 23, 2009

One of my sons says I should complie my missionary posts and responses in a book?

I wonder if this might be one of my purposes in life? Maybe my missionary work would be of benefit to my grandchildren or others? I do quote a lot of scriptures, and print the (often in context) to show biblical support for what I believe.

I will think about this. I don't know how hard it would be to try to gather them off the discussion group. Humm.

I am feeling WAY better since Great Grandpas death. The horror of the way he died is getting distance with time, which I am sure helps. : /

A copy paste of one post in a discussion group- where I respond to others (false) claims of LDS beliefs

You replied to Darla's postabout an hour ago
//False doctrine: There is a Mother Goddess in Heaven// (false)

Not in our canonized official doctrine-
(but something Many of us believe - as God told us we are his children, He is the Father of our Spirits, and Jesus was the first born of spirits, and we are called after Gods name as a "family in heaven". --- Let me see, the pattern that God set is that the man is not without the woman in the Lord- and he set up families on earth-- makes sense to me-- a Mother in Heaven.

//Believers will become angels/gods// (distortion and skewed)

I already shared numerous times where the Bibles says and Jesus quotes it himself, saying it is in their law- that "ye are gods, unto whom the word came" and Jesus said the scripture cannot be broken. --- so ALREADY we are "gods". -- ALSO LDS believe that we ALL dwelt with our Father in Heaven BEFORE our spirits were sent to inhabit the bodies meant for them- and spirits is ANOTHER word for angels- (same thing to us) though may be pre mortal or resurrected.

//Only Mormons are going to the 3rd heaven// (false & distortion!)

NOPE! Others have been there and reported it in the Bible too! read 2 Cor. 12:2 "such an one caught up to the third heaven" -- besides LDS believe that AFTER this life, one can accept Jesus Christ and so they might never have believed on the earth but make it to the 3rd heaven!
There is 2 additional heavens below 3rd heaven, one for unbelievers who led good lives, one for believers who don't believe the Book of Mormon

//God was once like we are now// (not our official doctrine and also a distortion- sorry!)

Jesus was a man- and he said he had done nothing but what he had SEEN his Father do (not Joseph either!) but I believe that this attempts to make it look like we believe we are equal to Jesus, and that is NOT so!

//God became an exalted man in heaven//

Do you deny that Jesus did just that?

//Christ is not God the Father?? // partially false as AFTER his resurrection - as be become "born again" in HIM- he can be called "the Father " also!

//Christ and Satan is spirit brothers// (out of context & distortion!)

Not even proper English as said this way either ;0-- LDS believe we are ALL spirit children of God, (even Jesus is the First Born of Spirits, and God is our father and that the Bible shows that Satan is among the sons of God in Job 1:6 "Satan came also among them [the sons of God]. -- At least here it is NOT claimed (falsely) that LDS believe they are equal!!!!! (thanks for small favors)

//Humans exist as spirits before they are born on earth// TRUE :) YEA!

How can we "RETURN" to God in Heaven if we have NEVER been there?
Also, as it was said of the prophet-- this is a paraphrase and is not be exactly right--but the ref is before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee and CHOOSE thee--- how can you "CHOOSE " if there are not things to choose from? LDS believe he choose from among all of us. :)

//Believers rejecting the Book of Mormon does only have part of the truth, part of the light, part of the truth// (actually true, but distorted!)

LDS believe that all will have a FAIR chance to accept after this life

//Book of Mormon has a higher authority than the Bible// (FALSE)

Not so, it is acknowledged that translators may have made mistakes in the Bible- but we still have it listed FIRST in our cannon.

//??Bible is only old scripture, one shouldn't hold fast to it alone??// (FALSE!)

We believe the Bible to be the Word of God-- as far as it is translated correctly-- would you believe the Gay Bible to be all true? ANd we need to go to God, to prove the truth of ALL THINGS!

//The ordaining of priests according to the Priesthood of the Son (not biblical)// --- (actually VERY Biblical ;)

Read this with a Jewish accent ;) So, you want I should post a whole list of scriptures in support of this? ;)


//Great Post !! :-)//

NOPE- as it is actually MUCH FALSE DOCTRINE- as it is NOT right for what the LDS teach OR believe!!!!

How about we each post OUR beliefs, and expound on them?

How about we let others share what THEY cherish as true beliefs?

Do you think those who work to destroy anothers faith could really be considered "unbiased" in their 'presentation" of the others beliefs? (usually they are straw men that they share- as I believe I have shown here.

--- I also am ashamed that a Christian would ever act, to keep insisting others believe what they are told repeatedly is NOT TRUE LDS beliefs!

--- but then we can ALL repent and even Saul became Paul! :) Gramajane

Saturday, March 7, 2009

life goes on- even when you want it to "pause".

Our kids and grand kids have all now left after the funeral of my Father- in -Law. The house is so quite. They all worked to try to clean up any messes they caused. Our sweet daughters and daughters- in -law, even helped move the furniture and pictures to new arrangements- to help us feel that things had changed IN the house, and to help us to quit automatically looking out the window to check on Great Grandpas light in his cabin- which will no longer be on at all.

My office now has most of the book shelves from the whole house in here. The books in them however are all out of order, and I will need to redo much of the upstairs as we took lamps and pictures from there for here, but it should be much easier to do research for my cyberspace missionary work. I still need to retrieve books I loaned to my sister- for her bare shelves- as it looks like their home will be at least a year more in remodel so she may as well unpack her books.

I'm SO VERY THANKFUL for my testimony of Jesus Christ and his re-established church- which brings me much peace and comfort at this time. Prayer is a huge blessing too!