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Chat with an LDS missionary
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

to learn, to grow, to learn to trust God after all I can do

Well, as the heavy on my mind today--
is trying to refinance the mortgage on our home,
and it will be tight if they let us do it, in time for the lowest interest rate-
because our last completed tax return is for 2007- which was about our worst year-
it is stretching me and helping to me grow, to trust God, as we have done all we can.

So if the purpose in life is to learn and grow through our experiences in life, which (life) to me is Heavens' Boarding School, so that we can show by our choices that we are choosing to follow Jesus and so becoming more Christlike- and will continue repenting and receiving more light and knowledge which helps us see where we need to repent next-- then I think one of my greatest challenges is my very fear!
I need to let go, and let God -- now.

There is no way any of us will ever be worthy of his love and sacrifice, but we can do all we can to show our appreciation for it, and reverence for him- BY our good works that we are to do in his name. Of course who we can work on BEST, is ourselves! Then we can give of our selves in service to those around us who really need it, and not just do things to bring passing pleasure to ourselves, but bring lasting joy to others, which is the best joy to ourselves too. :)-- Even a sunset is enjoyed more with someone who will also appreciate it! -- So I pray for more trust!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The first Day

It is 7:12, in the morning (of the creation of this blog) on the 21 of January- 2009

I am working to go from rather unorganized matter
to something that will be of worth to myself and others in this world.
Now, I need to look over the options and see what needs to be done.