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Chat with an LDS missionary
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Monday, October 12, 2009

It will be ok-- if we have a Christlike attitude/heart

It seems to me that this is the most important *thing* to get or grow. With this attitude one will;
a. trust in Heavenly Father
b. keep seeking to know/understand His will
c. and do it
which I understand would be to see what is most important
to DO at this moment for Our Father
and he has given us commandments like--to "love one another"
to help others as God does (not take over
- but I understand we are to assist only as really needed
- letting them learn by failures that are not eternal
-- and this is sure a hard call for what is or isn't
-- and actually REALLY I think God does let us fail
-- though he is ALWAYS there ready the second (nano second?) that we seek Him
-- but I believe he will not save (help) us IN continuing to sin
- but from the sins (mistakes) we are willing to turn away from
-- and part of it needs to be on our strength, or after all we can do.
It isn't very fun-- but it feels better when we get it right. :) Gramajane

Friday, October 9, 2009

adversity/trials= challenges/opportunites to grow!

I do believe the title I put on here, though sometimes it is difficult to remember it! I need to remember that these are opportunities to practice being Christ like, and not do any "knee jerk" reaction when it feels like others are being purposely awful.

I don't really know what is going on in their lives, nor how they see things. I want to -- if I DO err, always err on the side of being a little too kind. - Not that I want to be stupid or a push over-- but give others the benefit of an doubt.

I remember feeling when my mother would tell me that -- God was just helping me to grow stronger- that maybe I didn't WANT to be THAT strong. (think murmuring here).

Yet, it seems when the peak of a stressful time is past, that I can usually see that *some* good came from it.

It is especially hard when there are several challenges going on at once-- as sometimes I get scared and just want to cover my head and hide till it calms down.

I'm so thankful for prayer-- (better than any cell phone!!) to talk to our Father in Heaven, any where is "perfect reception"-- and I don't have to have any battery or light to see to push the buttons either-- even better than the BEST phone voice recognition! God had this all worked out before the world began. :)

I'm thankful that I KNOW I can trust God that he does perfectly know my challenges and abilities-- though I am to keep praying that I won't be tested above what I can endure. (Maybe that means either smaller tests or God strengthening me-- I don't know).

The song "What a Friend we have in Jesus" just started to play in my head-- words too. Often songs will come into my mind that are a comfort or a reflection of how I am feeling. Sometimes when I am driving at night (which I don't like :(-- I find myself singing in my mind-- "Lead Kindly Light". It is a comfort and we are told that the songs of the righteous are a prayer unto God.

My prayer is for all of us to have courage and go forward, just one step at a time-- to choose the right- and keep praying for guidance as we seek to follow Gods' commandments.

I also try to remember not to take others burdens on myself-- but to just help when I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so. But to not think they can't handle it, and then burden myself MORE than God has for me. It is a fine line between assisting THEM to achieve, and causing them to think they can't do it, which damages them (and me-- as I'm over there trying to do their work-- while mine is undone :(.

I think it will be **such a Glorious** day when I/we have finally finished with all that God has sent me/us here to do-- graduating from this boarding school of life-- and hopefully having a good report card to bring back to Our Father.

I know I can never be good enough alone-- and I rely on Jesus Christ and his atonement to make it up for my lack, but I must do all I can do to add to his "enough for the rest". I'm sooooo thankful for repentance! For the scriptures to guide us and for prophets that God speaks to to help us too. For the Holy Spirit that warns and comforts us-- when we live righteously. It is invaluable!

Jesus Christ, our elder spiritual brother and the second member of the Godhead, having suffered all our sorrows, pains and sins, perfectly knows us and what we can and can't do. I don't want to disappoint Him or God the Father!

I pray for strength and clear minds for all of us to see the traps of Satan, in the media and society all around us-- it is just awful seeing that most *expect* a couple to hit the mattresses before marriage. How far society has fallen!

Well, I need to get going with my work. Have a great spiritual day everyone! Gramajane