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Chat with an LDS missionary
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What has been happening as I seek to follow what I believe is Gods will for me.

So, I have been on a Facebook discussion forum "All Christians on Facebook" for months-- on a thread that was titled "Ask a Mormon"-- which single thread had over 6 thousand posts on it--

where also there were some posters on it with andti Mormon and or announced gay agendas-- who continuously posted in this thread that Mormons hated and promoted hate of gays--
and quoted things out of context and did all else they could "get away with" in attacking the church (and they got away with a lot-- though I did get to post the context-- and for any who would go back and read-- they could decide what was true.

and when I reported to the admin of the things said by this one poster

---who seemed to not have any work that he had to do to support the "gay family" he claimed--- ( I assume this from the amount of time he spent posting)

I was told that the admin. only saw a man defending himself and his "family" from the hate attacks of the Mormons church etc!! (a little prejudice had been shown by that admin before in my opinion against Mormons already)

This poster said things like

he refused to give any respect for any Mormon source or publication etc

The Mormons were murders who sent their gay youth to torture camps and didn't care about them-- even when they committed suicide--

and he linked to a site-- that said that Utah had the highest rate of youth suicide
--- which this poster claimed that they were Mormon gays who killed themselves-- and this poster claimed that the Mormons tried to hide this info-- and that Mormons considered gays less than human and didn't care if they died--

When I went to his link-- I discovered that the source for that info about the high rate of suicide was a ***MORMON*** newspaper-- The Deseret News!!

Also that the site/source did NOT specify any religion or sexual preference for any of the suicides--

which totally blew away his claim that
Mormons tried to hide such facts
that Mormons didn't care
that it was Mormon gay youth--

Then this poster still **KEPT** on posting more of these very same unfounded or out of context etc claims--

-- the claim for "murders" he sourced from the Mountain Meadows Massacare-- which was over 100 years ago-- and

the "gay torture camps" where Mormons "kidnapped" youth and killed them!!

This he sourced from a 30 years after the supposed fact-- reported in a gay site-- where one man claims that HE (at 15 years of age) asked for help for his same sex attraction-- and HE asked for his parents not to know-- so he had them told it was a Genealogy Camp--

and I understand that the procedures used at the psychology dept. of BYU were the accepted ones being used across the medical community of the whole USA and elsewhere at that time-- (and are now discontinued) and it was not substanciated that his claims were true either-- nor did he say he was kidnapped!

but this poster-- made it look like it was happening right now!!!

When I shared the facts about how "unsubstanciated and out of context" his claims were

and I also went to the site another poster claimed proved that homosexuality was inheriant at birth--

and showed that the source of the article for that
used for its studies-- outdated and unscientific "studies", some done in the 60s of groups of only 30 subjects-- where they supposedly looked in gay publications and wrote to them asking them if they had a twin who was seperated from them at birth-- and then mailed questionaris to the "twins" -- but the study still only found 66% of the "twins" who had same sex attraction-- and they acknowledged that they expected it should have shown 100% but that this amount still possibly showed a "link"-- etc

anyway-- it was not professional-- nor still did it prove anything!

Even they have shown that a tendency to anger may be found more in some twins and siblings and family histories-- yet still we expect them to work to not kill anyone! Just as some families have a tendency to become obese too-- we still have choices of what we put in our mouths and how much exercise we do etc.

Anyway-- one of the very admin of the All Christians on Facebook-- who I believe had consistently never found anything that others said to me to break the rules of attacking

-- but once he got mixed up in a quote I sent to be checked for breaking the rules-- thinking what the other person said was me saying it-- then he warned ME that I was being "rude and insulting"

and then a third poster pointed out that he had gotten it wrong

-- that I didn't call names or use such langauage-- but the admin. never appologized to me nor gave the other who DID say those things to me-- any warning! Oh- well. I just gave up reporting-- as also then they began claiming that I reported anyone who didn't agree with me!!

So-- after I had shared the facts about that it was an LDS publication that was the call to help with the youth suicides etc 9which showed LDS do care and do treat all youth with the same care!! etc)

and about the non professional "study" about gays-- that they claimed as proof--

then the poster who had posted again and again the unfounded claims-- even starting a whole thread about Mormon Gay torture camps!!!

He also reported me to the local admin! out of context and with grat "spin"

-- and said I said other terrible things (no quotes to prove it either)
and said someone should ban me from being a foster parent
-- and that I "was a dangerous woman"...

still--- no admin-- gave HIM any warning-- !!!-- and it was in their very thread!!!

And then the whole "Ask a Mormon" thread "disappeared

-- right when the (sympathetic to the gay guy) admin. was deleting another--

When I took the quotes of the "gay" guy-- that he posted against me to the admin (where we are not to have discussions) to a new topic thread that I made

-- "Ask LDS (Mormon) Gramajane"--

where I then posted them and explained and got to defend myself
-- putting the one quote in context
-- and showing that he didn't even have any quotes for the other awful things he said etc--

then the "gay sympathtic" admin sait that my topic was not approrpate!!! ????

Apparently the "gay guy" got to say whatever about me-- but I couln't defend??!!!

and the next thing I knew my access was limited on the whole forum
-- except to the admin-- where I posted asking for what I did wrong-- was I to delet my opening thread post? etc but I got no answer

(I have since deleted the opening post-- just in case -- though the "gay guys" attacks I believe are still in the admin area-- just my defense is not :( )

then today even my posts to the admin in their area were missing and my ability to post there was also gone--

and I got no warning-- nor was I breaking any rules that I know of.

--- so now it looks like "field of labor" is being changed-- and as I believe that God can and will take all things and turn them to the good of them that love the Lord (which I do) then it will be ok. May God bless us all to do His will. Gramajane