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Friday, October 28, 2011

Please use English to write comments! thanks!!!

I would greatly appreciate it if comments made to my blog were ONLY in English, as I sure can't read Chinese!

I was also told by a friend that some of the comments in Chinese were rude. :(

I do not know what to do? Should I just delete ALL that are not in English, as I can't moderate them???

I plan to ask my Chinese friend to tell me which ones I should delete, but she works and does not have much time. : /

Any other suggestions? Thanks.

A parable I wrote a few days ago.

Parable of the Pathway

There was a man, we will call James, who was smarter and kinder than any other man
He organized an area in a side dimension of the world
into a kingdom with many mansions
He only, held the key to entrance , but he invited
all who would obey him to come join him when they left this dimension.
He hand wrote directions written into a book
so that if the people would follow his directions,
they would be able to access the dimensional kingdom
and go to dwell there as long as they passed the extensive timed test
to see if they were willing to be responsible citizens
and at least repent and keep trying if/when they failed.

James had his followers form groups, with his name, so they could
help each other, and share the teachings better. He appointed leaders
to make sure that the teachings didn't get corrupted or changed, yet
he told them, he knew it would eventually happen, but try their best.

This James had a brother who was insanely jealous of him
We will call him Sleaze and he was also very intelligent but not wise or kind
Sleaze didn't care to build things himself, but just wanted to ruin all of James
and anything James cared about, Sleaze wanted and set to to destroy.
Sleaze, as soon as he saw what James had done with the dimension and groups,
Immediately set about to discredit James, and denounce his work
and also to cause others to persecute the people who loved James and followed him.

Sleaze published distorted pictures that were supposed to be of the mansions
He told lies about James and his kingdom and gathered others who had
refused to EVER repent of the evil they did, and so were denied the kingdom
These others then lied about what they had done, pretending the kingdom was false
They were so sly that they ACTED kind, and said it was out of love that they spoke up
They said they had been hurt and didn't want others deceived, and they wanted to save
those who still believed in James and his steps to inherit the “false” kingdom.

James had created several specific steps by which
it could usually be told if any who wanted to inherit were sincere
These were to be administered by people specifically appointed by James
In specific ways. Of course Sleaze immediately set to denounce the steps
and also as a double trip up, set up sham steps, or and a triple trip up Sleaze
said NO steps were necessary at all, but that as James was so loving, that ALL would inherit
If they just spoke magic words of acceptance of James. Sleaze said“Nothing else was required”
People who were good were deceived, others didn't really like to study, or just wanted an easy way
and so ailed to discover the deception, especially as Sleaze made his sham groups great fun!
Some good people were only fooled for awhile, but often these discovered the lies and
soon continued to search till they found the real FURTHER access steps and contacted James agents.

Sleaze also caused the Publishers of James book to restrict the printing of it because of greed,
Only allowing it in obscure languages and only allowing hand copies
Which as naturally done by hand by humans, errors began to creep in.
Some wise and good people tried to repair the errors, but failed
As they didn't have direct communication with James for the fixes
so the very “fixes” often made the errors worse. These were hard times.
Sleaze also caused some who worked to translate the book to be
banned and burned along with their translations, but James had good
waiting for those who did good!

Still for many of those who WANTED to find the kingdom
there was enough info in the corrupted books, that with diligent study they
found they could communicate with James and receive authorized fixes
and so they went on to find the true agents and get their test steps done
and to those James gave the passwords and keys to the kingdom, Happy are they!

Sleaze was livid and worked harder to destroy the truth about James
and the kingdom, though he had nothing better to offer.
Sleaze caused fear that James was trying to get power over the people
and would enslave them in his world, and that he would wash their brains
and many other things did Sleaze do to make others as miserable as himself

James was so sorry for what was happening that he authorized a reprint
of his book, and sent it by thousands of authorized agents to all the world
Yet Sleaze ridiculed them and set up sham copy agents and kingdom groups
while Sleaze allowed his followers to charged $ for his books and his kingdoms keys
- which were just fun enough and had enough of James truths in them that they lulled
the people in Sleaze groups to cease seeking further, and even to unknowingly
fight against James and his true agents, not realizing that this is what they were doing. So sad!

James, in his great love and intelligence, had set it up “proxy” from the beginning,
and that there be a waiting foyer, where those who hadn't heard the TRUE facts,
could be taught and have an equal chance to inherit. Yet as they were then out of the
original dimension, they couldn't follow the specific set steps,
So James proxy clause came into effect, where those followers who were still IN the dimension,
could do the steps in the NAMES of those who were passed on,
and then as James – who could read hearts- interviewed each, he said who
could accept the step work done for them, by they own hearts as their witnesses.

James then watched and waited to help any who sought him, yet some had
been so prejudiced by the subtle lies Sleaze told which included just parts of the truth,
that they still fought against the true agents. They were good people at heart
and the true group members worked to not be hurt at not being believed
while the true agents continued to teach any who were willing to listen and study
the truths that James and provided. The path is specific, and special and worth it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The "price" of a clean, organized home?

I've been thinking about this-- as I have frustratingly noticed that lately my home is not as clean as I'd like to to be. OK, to be more honest, I would usually be embarrassed to have anyone drop by and have to use the bathroom!

I don't usually leave things out, but in the last year or so, I don't seem to MAKE time to do the real cleaning of surfaces or keep up things at a level of clean that I would personally enjoy more myself!

Often there are a few dirty dishes and maybe even a pan in my kitchen sink (I'm still not used not having to do big family meal dishes, so just a few things dirty feels almost a waste of hot water : / )

Yes, I thankfully still have the great habit of making our bed each morning (and it makes a HUGE difference as right now we are living in this older 5th wheel, where ALL can see the bed from the other end of the RV, and THAT would be a large part of the % of the total looking a mess! )

Maybe I could blame it partially on that I am a little past due to get a stronger prescription on my eye glasses, so I don't usually SEE the dirt, or that my eye glasses themselves are not as clean as I'd like either so all things often seem a little fuzzy too. (yeah, lame! though true. )

I could blame it on that I ** don't ** have any kids home to help with the work? I love it that "those who walk on the floors, help with the chores"! But it is just Ray and I and he works out of the home so it is ME, and me alone, responsible. :(
--- now He wants to use this computer, so I'll continue later, with the wonderful ideas that worked when we had kids. (I miss my own kids, and even kids in general, as I am so transient at present that i don't have a regular Primary class to teach.

by the way, I do still believe that "an immaculate home is the sign of a wasted life"
but I want to have my home a little more celestial, anyway! talk to you later! :)