Chat with an LDS missionary

Chat with an LDS missionary
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I wrote this January 24, 2013, and then sent it to myself, to put on my blog, which I'm finally doing today. Thinking this--- "to sleep or to work on with what probably amounts to compromised awareness/skills from a brain shutting down to defragment plus my bodies need to recharge it's life source" --- is something I have increasingly dealt with as I've aged. I've come to the conclusion that my mind gets numbed from needing to sleep and that my bodies immune defenses are lowered so with also then making mistakes in my work that I'm farther ahead to just "select what I need to neglect" Stop and rejuvenate with sleep or I'll regret it!!! Along with that I find it steals the joy today from doing the work well and extracts joy later with illness or lessened ability to enjoy my company because I'm so tired that I'm practically a zombie! ( we have been doing major maintenance on our home in prep for selling it and ALSO for a cousin gathering that begins today) While I have put aside the costume making that I love, to do things like scoop handfuls of muck out of gutters and scrape moss off deck railings- because I only had a little time to work WITH our son on it and we could talk during the working. :) --- I also find if I sleep when needed, THEN joy returns and the things that seemed important ( but in hindsight were only things that may have been more fun --- if--- I hadn't bankrupted my body to do them ) --- Still each must decide the level of joy lost or added, and or the personal "physical debt" they can be comfortable with OR --- IF their body is likely to go "on strike" ( get sick or their back go out, etc?) --- then too, I no longer have nestlings so I can sleep in later? --- there are some benefits in age !"

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