Chat with an LDS missionary

Chat with an LDS missionary
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I woke in the night, remembering my dream, and then while thinking of any meaning of my dream, these thoughts rose up in my mind. The thoughts came bit by bit. I will work to capture them to share with you. First you may think it is important to know what the dream was of, but it was just the starter- the messenger, to get my mind open, seeking for the message, the meaning. The meaning was a feeling, a seeking also. That inside I seem to be like a little hurt child looking for a loving parent to help me heal, a father or mother to kiss the hurt to help me feel better, and so ready me to go play some more, ( a child's play is its work) experiencing life and learning from it, finding joy which comes from learning finding my talents and improving them, and the best joy comes using the talents in sharing and loving (serving) others so at the end of the day (life on earth) I can return home to rest and be made ready for another day of further work as I grow up to become like my parents. So, are we not all children? Children of Our Heavenly Father? Are we not all sent to Earth as like a boarding school, where we are to learn (play) and from where we all will return at the end of life to our home in heaven, where either we will be pleased to share our “report card” which will be our hearts, hopefully grown large with caring with sharing and service like our Heavenly Parents? though we will all have some areas (classes, subjects) that we need improvement in Yet as long as we have an open loving, learning, seeking heart, Not a proud hard greedy heart, We will be (have already been) forgiven, and our Parents stand with open arms, always watching us (from afar) like the beloved children we are on the play ground of life, needing to be free to skin our knees climb the trees pick the flowers or let them grow learning as we go. Maybe you don't know you are a child of God? Maybe you feel lost maybe you have sought for some meaning in life but (so far) have not found meaning? That would not mean there is no meaning, just that you hadn't found it yet, The meaning of life has been there all the time, Its pattern is in all the world around us, in the life around us, even in the plants and air. Do animals come to be without predecessors (parents)? Do plants come to be without being the seed of another plant? Is the world (playgournd) not provided for our needs? Here is air, sunshine, food grows like a miracle from the earth and not child can arrive without having a male and female predecessors, Loving parents to be examples of the heavenly ones whose calling is to nurture, provide and protect the baby. You didn't have that? Do you know why? Does it mean that God is cruel? Or there is no God? May I suggest That any God who could create the playground (world>universe>”all things that in them are” would have reasons, and those can be found? I will share what has been given me, what I believe is from God (all good things are from God and God can turn ALL things to our good as we seek to love (obey) Him. We learn best by our own experiences Though we can learn some from others And having guidance (rules) for safety on the playground (life) helps us be happier Have you not heard of rules for life? I understand that in most every religion there is a list similar to the 10 Commandments. These are to help us, and I believe came from God. I believe God has been working to keep sending just enough direction, that for those who ARE seeking will find it, While some will be raised in a home where they are taught Some do not arrive in a prepared “nursery” Some are even born missing their fathers or being given into the waiting arms of some who are not their biological mothers Yet God set the pattern (and rules) for the best homes. Our playgournd time (life at boarding school) is usually long enough for us to become parents, and learn from that yet the BEST parents are those who first become Spouses, married/committed to be together to love and support each other and any children they may be blessed with. Our Heavenly Parents watch over us, but let us make mistakes and even BIG mistakes knowing that their forgiveness is there, and we can (if we choose) grow from/through our mistakes But what about children born to a less than perfect home? How can that possibly fair? Especially how can it be fair to an aborted baby? My answer is a question for you. Have you ever waited your turn to get off the bus, or to get your “auto” in Autotopia at Disneyland? If your friends were already off and there were no Perfect cars left (returned yet) for you to enter/use, would you stay on the bus, waiting for a practically perfect car, or would you take one (maybe out of several- less perfect) that would still allow you to go forward, with your friends and be that much farther along on the road/path (in learnings/growth) knowing that later, it will be worth it, for with every vehicle (body/life) there are compensations, (often unseen in the “day”= of this life) and if you stay on the path, obey the laws (of heaven) you know, you will receive perfect peace, joy and happiness even more than you experience here, when you share with an open heart.. ``````I also testify, that I believe de-ja-vu experiences, are quick recall, where we were shown before we choose which “vehicle” to accept what our lives would be like in the bodies/vehicles we were offered, and that our Heavenly Parents knew that we could learn enough with the challenges presented BY our situations/life/family to merit the highest level of happiness/reward after our schooling. We are not in ANY competition with any other human being, We are not judged on the curve – we are judged against our selves, We are judged only by what light and knowledge we have available but we ARE to seek for more, and our judge is our oldest brother, who also came to earth as mortal, suffered temptations himself, then took on himself, all OURS too including our pains, griefs, sickness and sins (anything that separates us from God) We are judged by the intents of our hearts with our actions (works) AGAIN- against what true rules/teachings we had given us, or were available. I know that we are to work to be perfect, Yet not be discouraged as in this life we can not be but each little improvement is progress, and we can continue to improve after this life, but it is much easier to do in this life. What I have shared I have learned while a member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints which I believe is the brought back to earth organization Jesus Christ himself set up during his life on earth (though knowing it would be corrupted) and that He promised (in the KJV Bible) it would be returned by an angel (Revelations 14:6) in the latter-days. It is nearing the time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. If you are seeking the purpose (your personal purpose) in life, I pray you will earnestly investigate the restored from heaven gospel! You can go on line to or or have missionaries come to your home. These teachings have helped me have more peace in my life, though my own birth has left me suffering many hurdles, I'm so very blessed that my family were valient LDS members who taught me as a child, so that this hope/belief has helped me endure and keep progressing, I'm afraid, that if I hadn't had these teachings to bring me peace and hope, that I might have sought to “ditch” (suicide) :( I'm thankful that other truths in the world have been second witnesses that suicide is NOT the/any good answer to pain in this life. My study of Near Death Experiences has shown me that those who tried to opt out by ending their lives, testify that it will NOT help, it will be worse, as they saw what happened to those who “succeeded”, and it will not help! Pray, and seek here!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Women's Relief Society Lesson based on a conference talk by Elder Oaks

I used this as part of a lesson I gave last Sunday. The basis for this Relief Society Lesson given in Monticello Branch October 27, 2013 by Sister Wadsworth is a Talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, given in April General Conference 2013. Titeled; “NO OTHER GODS, - Are we serving priorities or gods ahead of the God we profess to worship?” “WHAT IS OUR ULTIMATE PRIORITY ?” “ If we love the Lord we will keep his commandments!” “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3) “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matthew 22:36) “Thus we offend God when we 'serve' other gods- when we have other first priorities. (Elder Oakes, see Exodus 20:4-6 and footnote b, Doctrine and Covenants 124: 84 ) “What other priorities are being “served”ahead of God by persons- even religious persons of our day?” Here are some areas that can be taken to extreems which take us away from our Heavenly Father. How might someone be lead away in these areas and how can they stay close to God in these areas? 1. Cultural & Family traditions __________________________________________________ 2. Political correctness ________________________________________________________ 3. Career asprirations _________________________________________________________ 4. Material possessions _______________________________________________________ 5. Recreational pursuits _______________________________________________________ 6. Power, prominence and prestige ______________________________________________ God has given commandments from the beginning to Adam and Eve in marriage, to multiply, and other commandments to not misuse procreative powers outside of marriage (Exodus 20:14, 1 Thess 4:3) God gives us commandments that if we obey, we will be happier than if we break them. “...neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord. 1 Cor 11:11 The restoration of the gospel teaches us that we dwelt as spirits with Our Father in Heaven before we were born on Earth and when we die, our spirits return to the world of Spirits (either Paradise or Spirit Prison depending on how we live) where we can have some time to be taught as the Savior taught, which is told about in 1 Peter 1:19-20, before we are resurrected. Also restored is the sealing power that was given to Peter, that what he sealed on Earth would be sealed in Heaven. What is it that can be sealed in Heaven? Families! Which then makes sense of Malichi 4:5-6 about turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and children to their fathers. The pattern of God is Families- Eph. 3:15 “… of whom all the family in heaven and earth are named” as also on the earth, a spirit comes to a body created by the union of a male and female and is best protected and nutured if that couple are in, and stay in, a committed, righteous marriage. Cohabitation (living together without marriage) is no longer illegal in many countries, and some countries have authorized same gender marriages. Abortain has been legal in the US for decades. These things have been destroying families. “ Our twelfth Article of Faith states our belief in being subject to civil authoity and 'in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.' But man's laws cannot make moral what God has declared immoral.” “ May God help us to understand this priority and to be understood by others as we seek to pursue it in a wise and loving way, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Family is the basic unit of the universe

The family is the basic unit of the universe. God taught us to call him Father and sent his only begotten Son to make it possible for all who will repent and continue to work to obey the commandments, though none of us can do it perfectly so Jesus Atonement is applied to enable us to return to live with them and the rest of our loved ones after this life. Even those who will not obey God still receive from Jesus Christ the free gift of resurrection (uniting our spirit with a glorified body that will never die again) yet they will be unable to join with the rest of Gods children who repent of their choices that took them away from our Heavenly Father path to true happiness. The Scriptures even talk of the "family in heaven" in Ephesians 3:15.

We had one Family Reunion here and plan to go again for another this summer. Rock climbing, kayaking, and a ski resort all very close by and for an incredibly inexpensive price. Plus the owner makes fresh bread and is a massage therapist.

A candida cleanse seems to be helping my health (work) !

I'm so pleased that I am sleeping better, now waking most of the time around 6:00 instead or one or two in the morning, plus getting to sleep easier and feeling rested when I wake up. :) I have more energy, have lost inches (don't know about the pounds as I don't have scales but my clothes fit better and muscle weights more than fat anyway :) My thinking is less foggy, I am not craving sweets or carbs all the time and I am eating way less. The eating plan that goes with this is to eat mostly the non starchy vegetables plus eggs, and protein, almonds or walnuts, seafood and some meats preferably organic in all things. No fruits, no sugars or fake sugars, even no syrup or honey. No grains except oatmeal. No vinegar and no mushrooms. Olive or Coconut oil is good. Plus I'm taking enzymes to weaken the overgrowth candida yeast cell walls, and some natural herbs that kill it, plus probiotics to refresh the intestine with the good guys. This should help my purpose in life/work :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well, when you die, you can't take your toys, homes, clothes etc with you! So, as preparation for the rest of our lives, we have sold our family home (Woodhaven Castle) of over 25 years. We used most of the money to invest in our family, (instead of banks or businesses etc) by loaning/giving enough of it to three of them, to get homes for themselves in safe cities. We plan to use the remaining for our mission expenses. Two of our family now have their "new" homes, and the last is having one built in the area where he will be attending medical school for 4 years, as after much research they discovered that was the best value way to do it Oh, and we have a new grand baby expected any day! That will make 3 for our son Richard, with the oldest child just having turned 3! It was really difficult to let my dream home go, but with GETTING better housing for our kids, then it felt it was finally worth it. I believe it will also make a huge difference in the lives of our grandchildren to not have to go to inner city schools, but be in cities/states with many of the neighbors having values similar to theirs, with less crime etc. Also with this they are saving money as rent was more expensive than mortgage payments to us, and a second bathroom means a lot in a family of six! Plus, now they can get equity and grow food for their use, canning etc. With less stress on the whole family to have enough storage, play areas, and convenience for Mommies to raise their kids and have a little time for themselves too. Of course better for visiting grandparents too ;) We are presently living in a used 5th wheel RV we bought, that has 3 slides. It is quite homey, but I am already missing storage. :( We may need to buy a small Granny house when we return from our mission. At least most of our family is gathering in the Boise Idaho area. :) We are presently working on getting the physicals etc ( I need new glasses too) done for our applications for our Senior couple mission. It is looking like we will state our preference as Brazil, as that is where my husband Ray went on his mission before we were married, and they just divided several of the missions there, as so many new young missionaries came into the field with lowering the age limit. Yet they need mature couples to also work in offices etc to let the young missionaries get out to the people, though I love to share the gospel too. It will all work out. :) Anyway, we got a computer program for me to learn Brazilian Portuguese, and as it is quite similar to Spanish, it should make that possible to understand too. :) We understand that it is about 6-7 months after turning in papers and getting a call that the visas to Brazil come through. So, we may not be out in the mission field until Sept. We had planned on June. :/ Still it may be for the best, as Ray has the best looking opportunity so far to get his Total Bone Removal System (for wild Salmon) into the industry in AK this summer, plus he is scheduled to spot fish for several boats too. I am re-reading the Book of Mormon, with a goal of finishing it before we go, and hopefully also the Preach My Gospel again, plus the New Testament (again). :) I'm also working to improve my wardrobe to Sister Missionary standards. :) It will be awkward to wear skirts or dresses most everyday instead of Levis or pants, but I suppose as I won't be doing my usual work, I will soon feel right at home. At least I'm already used to wearing such clothes every Sunday.
I wrote this January 24, 2013, and then sent it to myself, to put on my blog, which I'm finally doing today. Thinking this--- "to sleep or to work on with what probably amounts to compromised awareness/skills from a brain shutting down to defragment plus my bodies need to recharge it's life source" --- is something I have increasingly dealt with as I've aged. I've come to the conclusion that my mind gets numbed from needing to sleep and that my bodies immune defenses are lowered so with also then making mistakes in my work that I'm farther ahead to just "select what I need to neglect" Stop and rejuvenate with sleep or I'll regret it!!! Along with that I find it steals the joy today from doing the work well and extracts joy later with illness or lessened ability to enjoy my company because I'm so tired that I'm practically a zombie! ( we have been doing major maintenance on our home in prep for selling it and ALSO for a cousin gathering that begins today) While I have put aside the costume making that I love, to do things like scoop handfuls of muck out of gutters and scrape moss off deck railings- because I only had a little time to work WITH our son on it and we could talk during the working. :) --- I also find if I sleep when needed, THEN joy returns and the things that seemed important ( but in hindsight were only things that may have been more fun --- if--- I hadn't bankrupted my body to do them ) --- Still each must decide the level of joy lost or added, and or the personal "physical debt" they can be comfortable with OR --- IF their body is likely to go "on strike" ( get sick or their back go out, etc?) --- then too, I no longer have nestlings so I can sleep in later? --- there are some benefits in age !"